Hannah’s Training Diary 3

HannahRunJust went for a quick lap around the park with the doggies and woah woah woah! Where did my fitness go? It turns out that the 10 minute cycle ride from college to lectures was keeping me reasonably fit during term time, but my break from that and training during revising and exams, celebrating exams and recovering from celebrating exams has definitely taken its toll. At least I kept my pace reasonably constant for the whole run… Looks like I’ll have to be a bit more conscientious with my running for the last 3 weeks before the run itself if I’m going to survive it!



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Roberta’s Training Diary 2

So in my attempt to get healthy for The Color Run UK I’ve also taken up a 3 day fitness programme on top of just pure running – the most intense of the days is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It involves everything from cardio, core strength and muscle building – and completely knackers you!
The idea is to do each circuit building up the level of intensity you put into it – ideally 60% effort of the first one, then 80% and lastly 100%. You should be red, sweaty, panting and shattered by the end of each circuit as you only get 30 seconds rest between repetitions.

Be warned – it is tempting gulp large amounts of water as you get pretty hot & dehydrated from the sweating and heavy breathing, but this will just slosh around in your stomach, making you feel ill and may even make you vomit. Small sips are the way forward people!

Each exercise for 30 seconds, repeat circuit 3 times.

Circuit 1

Squat Kick

Switch Feet

Press Up

Step Ups

Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2

Power Squats

Dumb-bell punches (5kg)

Ski Jumps

Sit Ups

Lateral Jacks


Circuit 3

Squat Jump

Kettle bell Swing (8kg)

Knees to Elbow



One Month To Go

I have been so shamefully slack when it comes to posting on here and, more importantly training for the Color Run. This week Phil joined the dark side and has an iPhone now so he will be using the Nike+ running app alongside Alex and myself. Hopefully this added pressure of competition will motivate me to start running again!

Anyway, we have one month to go and everyone is getting ready. Tutus are waiting for us and hopefully we’ll raise a ton more money for Stand Up To Cancer

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Thank you! x

Alice’s Training Diary 2

3 week reality check

In my experience, when asked about our diet and fitness habits, most women tend towards over exaggerated self-deprecation à la – “ugh, I can’t believe how unfit I am, I haven’t been to the gym in sooooo long!” swiftly countered by an obliging friend with – “Are you kidding? You’re sooooo skinny! I’ve eaten waaaaaay too much today, just look at the size of this food baby!”

I consider this a bad habit and try to abstain from participation in this unhelpful female friendship ritual wherever possible.

 However, those who read my last post may remember that I mentioned my colossal lack of staying power when it comes to exercise.  I wasn’t exaggerating. I am now 3 weeks into my training for The Color Run and here is the grand total of what I have done:

13/5/2013 – 3K run (30 mins)

17/5/2013 – 4K run (37 mins)

21/5/2013 – Zumba class (45 mins)

Not good enough. Must try harder.

Phil’s Training Diary


So I don’t like running. The last time I ran further than “for the bus” was when I did cross-country at school. Since then, I’ve avoided any and all exercise like the plague. Now, somehow, I’ve been lured into putting on a tutu, running 5k, and having paint thrown in my face. What?

But still, I’ve done my first run now, and the results are quite pathetic. I ran twice around my block, which according to Google Maps is a total of 0.6 miles. I didn’t use any kind of breathing techniques or stretches; just run a bit to get an idea how fit I am. Turns out, I am very, very unfit. Maybe I should stretch a bit next time…

If there was a zombie apocalypse during the run…
I would die first.

Alex’s Training Diary

Image I normally go to the gym, but now I have bought new trainers, an arm band, have gone for one run, have upped my gym sessions, have started including weights and stomach crunches and am trying to watch my diet, all in the name of Cheryl Cole…and charity.

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Roberta’s Training Diary 2

So yesterday I decided to go for a run – outside! (cue dramatic music). Running on a treadmill and staying stationary although convenient, doesn’t quite have the same feeling as running on the pavement. Besides, the Color Run isn’t taking place inside a gym, it’ll be out on the streets!

Bangor to pier route 
After looking it up on Google Maps, I worked out that the distance to the local victorian pier was 0.7 miles, so there and back would be a grand total of 1.4miles – approx 2.25km.
Setting off, I actively had to make myself not burst into a sprint and keep my jog slow and at a steady pace – my natural inclination when running is to absolutely dash it, and then come to a sudden stop. But with that in mind, I managed to keep my pace going pretty well – I did start to feel very tight chested so I used the ‘breathe in for three steps, out for three steps’ technique (I have no idea if this is a real thing, or whether I just made it up) – it means your breaths aren’t ragged and shallow, and the intake of oxygen is consistent. 
I took a five minute break at the pier to quickly stretch out my legs, get some of my breath back, and look at the incredible view of the North Welsh coast line, before heading back.
Good things! – I managed to run each way without stopping during the run. I kept my pace steady, and controlled my breathing (mostly). The route is a really nice one, so I think this will be a regular.
Things I’ll be working on – not being so completely out of breath! When I got back I was pretty much wheezing and had a chesty cough that wouldn’t go away for about an hour. It can’t just be all this sea air, so I’ll be working on breathing exercises next time.